Join forces with another member at b.cycle and work your way through the b.race! 30 days, 4 checkpoints, a key to the treasure and a ton of prizes!

Checkpoint 1
Travel prep

You receive Checkpoint 1 and a Treasure Key at home. You wake up early to take your passport photos—your big excursion is coming up and you need to get everything sorted out beforehand! The race is on!


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Checkpoint 2
Take off

Hand in Checkpoint 1 at the door of the plane and receive Checkpoint 2 from the flight attendant! Your journey hits some double turbulence but nothing stops you from getting off that plane. Adventure awaits!


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Checkpoint 3

Hand in Checkpoint 2 at your home base hotel and receive Checkpoint 3! Off you go on your excursion, eager to find the treasure chest that you seek so dearly! You make some friends along the way and try a few different routes…


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Checkpoint 4
treasure discovery

You’re halfway to reaching the treasure and find Checkpoint 4! You find out that you must double back twice and try a few new roads before finally getting on the right route. You look ahead, see the treasure, and RUN TOWARDS IT!


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You realise that all 4 Checkpoint cards had you collect items along the way and most of them can be used to unlock the Treasure! You open the treasure—is there still a treasure inside!?

Will you be part of the prestigious list of teams who completed the race?

Teams have completed the race

Rules of The Game
You must:

Complete all challenges with your buddy.

Return and receive new checkpoints at your home base studio.

Each checkpoint card is worth 5 entries in the draw to win—if a card is incomplete, no partial entries are awarded.

How To Play
Step one:

Pick up card from front desk

Step two:

Race on!

The Prizes
for the race

3 months unlimited to first team to complete all checkpoints and bonus per studio

3 teams, 6 individuals total

for the draw

One free month of December

6 teams

An invite to a VIP b.cycle event taking place in December

25 teams