staff guide - answers to all of your questions (hopefully!)

Colour War is the ultimate team competition and it takes place for the 3rd week of May during B.estival. Clients (and you!) can earn points alone but they can earn even more points when they work together!

What is Colour War? (FOR CLIENTS)

Clients can sign up solo or with up to 3 friends (to make a team of 4) before May 15 and they’ll get placed in either team Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow.


We’ll introduce you to the rest of your team and your instructor team captains on May 14, 2023 and away you go!


Each day,  they will battle against the other teams to earn points and at the end of the week… One team will bring home the trophy of…


Colour War Champions 2023!

What is Colour War? (FOR STAFF)

Staff will be assigned their teams, either Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow!


We’ll introduce you to the rest of your team and your instructor team captains on May 14, 2023 and away you go! 


You’ll be key players in bringing your team to win and the more initiative you show, the more b.cycle community you will create! 

What is Colour War (for Instructors)

All b.cycle instructors will be split up evenly into either Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue and you will then become 1 color’s Team Captain!


Note: When splitting the instructors into groups, we will aim to create fair and balanced teams! We will also try to split up friend groups in order to promote getting to know new people and creating community!

Team Captains are responsible for rallying their client/staff troops to take classes together, helping their team strategize how to get more points, creating team spirit, and creating inclusivity for every member of your team!

If you have any ideas on how to create team spirit/inclusivity or want more information on what this means, please reach out to Lisa, Yan, or Jess!

What will the champions (CLIENTS) win?

Prize #1

Bragging Rights until Colour War 2024!

What will the staff/instructors receive:

The 3-staff-per-class limit will be removed for the entire week!


This means you have no restrictions whatsoever to booking for that week!


A special class package will be created for you to purchase! You’ll see it when you log in to your profile!

How do you earn points for your team with the classes that you take?


Attend a minimum of 3 classes in the week and get 3 points.


Any additional classes taken will give you bonus points (1 point per additional class). Example: 3 classes = 3 points, 5 classes = 5 points, 2 classes = 0 points

THE Troops

For every 2 people from the same team who take a class, earn 1 point per person! Example: 10 people = 10 points, 9 people = 8 points and not 9!


Take one of the dozens of COLOUR WAR B.ATTLE classes that can earn your team points. Win challenges for your team and  bring home some BIG points!


ALSO: Troops points will be worth DOUBLE in b.attle classes! 


Example: 10 people usually = 10 points but in a B.ATTLE class, it’ll be worth 20 points!

Show your colours

Submit a photo of you wearing your team colours to class and get bonus points!

Points: 1 point for a bottom, 1 point for a top, 1 point for an accessory, 5 points for wearing your colours from head-to-toe or wearing a costume in your colour

Costume note: Wearing a blue lego block costume or a yellow bumblebee costume counts but a red hula skirt on top of your workout clothes won’t count as a costume but will count as 1 point for a bottom!

How do clients register?

They register themselves solo, in a team of 2, in a team of 3, or in a team of 4 by filling out the survey below:



*Will be updated every night!

team Blue


team green


team yellow


team red


Show your colours