Alone you are strong... But together... you are unstoppable.

Colour War is the ultimate team competition and it takes place for the entire month of May. You can earn points alone but we will earn even more points when we work together!


*Will be updated every sunday night!

team Blue


team green


team yellow


team red


What is Colour War?

Sign up solo or with up to 3 friends before May 1 and you’ll get placed in either team Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow!


We’ll introduce you to the rest of your team and your instructor team captains on May 1, 2022 and away you go! 


Each week, you’ll battle against the other teams to earn points and at the end of May… One team will bring home the trophy of… 

Colour War Champions 2022!

What will the champions win?

Prize #1

Bragging Rights until Colour War 2023!


(Team Green has been bragging for 3 years straight…)

Prize #2

Winning team will earn the right to purchase:


A special All-Access Pass for only $120/month for the months of June, July & August

Prize #3

There will be 1 MPV awarded to each team.



The prize: Free All-Access to b.cycle for June, July, and August!

How do you earn points for your team?


Take 3 classes in a week (from Sunday to Saturday) and earn your team 1 point. Note: 6 classes don’t equal 2 points!

THE Troops

Take classes as a team and earn 1 point per teammate above 4 per class. Example: 5 teammates = 5 point, 6 teammates = 6 points, BUT 4 teammates = 0 points


We will be hosting COLOUR WAR B.ATTLE classes with team challenges that can earn your team points. This year, COLOUR WAR B.ATTLE classes will be in HIIT the Barre classes and in both Performance & Signature cycle classes!


Troops points will be worth DOUBLE in b.attle classes so make sure you show up in BIG numbers to these special classes!



Surprise Initiatives are extra missions your Colour War Army can go on to gain bonus points! There will be one extra mission announced per week! 

b.cycle will announce the weekly Surprise Initiative via email & social media!

Your special Colour War class package:

Since our soldiers get points by taking 3 classes per week, we’re offering a special 3 Class Pack for only $60+tax! 


Show your colours