Referral Program for b.cycle Rockland

Step 1: Invite all your friends to try the new studio (b.cycle Rockland) during the first month: The opening special is $80 for 2 weeks unlimited!

Step 2: Your ascent on Mount Credit: If your friend purchases the opening special*, we’ll give YOU a discount to b.cycle! The more friends you refer, the higher you climb the mountain!

Like… How much can I get? I told you … A LOT!

  • 1 friend : $20 store credit
  • 2nd friend: $40 store credit (total credit: $60)
  • 3rd friend: $80 store credit (total credit: $140)
  • 4th friend: $160 Store credit (total credit : $300)

You have hit the summit of Mount Credit… Only to find out: THERE IS ANOTHER MOUNT CREDIT. For every climb you ascend, you’ll earn another $300 credit!

*Eligiblity requirements:

  1. The person you are referring cannot already be referred by someone else.
  2. The person you are referring cannot already have an “active” series or membership at b.cycle

Terms and conditions:



1. Consent and Opt-in: By submitting this form, you confirm that you personally know the individuals you are referring (hereafter referred to as “referees”) so as to provide their email addresses for the purpose of this referral program. You agree to only refer individuals whom you personally know and can receive e-mails on your behalf.

2. Anti-Spam Policy: b.cycle has a strict anti-spam policy. We do not condone the use of purchased, rented, or harvested email lists for referral purposes. By participating in this referral program, you agree not to engage in any practices that violate anti-spam laws, including the CASL.