We know.
No really, we know.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic and it is so hard to find the motivation to workout from home. Hear us out—we think we have the secret sauce you’ve been missing out on.

For only $15 and UNLIMITED access, experience what it’s like to be part of an exciting and supportive fitness community—Live class style. ‘Live is a highway,’ and the road leads to b.home fitness.

I Believe in a Thing Called Live!

b.home fitness Live classes? It's 'Live in Technicolor'.

My Live Would Suck Without You

Are you convinced yet? Well look, we'll sweeten the deal. For 4 weeks, let's just say 'DJ's got us fallin' in live'.

This month, we plan on getting your blood pumpin’ and motivation sky rocketing! Of the 150+ LIVE classes that we offer in 4 weeks, we’re transforming more than 100 of them into special musical theme classes. Oh, and we’ve added a ton of co-teach classes!

Creative, fun, and accessible theme classes curated for all.



  • 4 weeks of unlimited live classes
  • Over 150 classes
  • Over 100 musical themes

*Does not include On-Demand classes. If you have a b.home fitness subscription, you will have access to all of these classes both Live and On-Demand.

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