High paced and dynamic workout that combines mix of interval training, upper-body movements and hand weights. Our performance tools will allow you to track your improvement, set goals and challenge yourself. Ride to the beat, dance, smile and test your limits.


No upper-body movements. No hand weights. All performance!!! A class filled with speed and resistance intervals and our custom performance challenges using our leader board. 45 minutes where you work as a team to beat your personal best. In this class you don’t just ride to the beat, you chase it!

It’s our Signature ride without the numbers and challenges. Connect your body and mind as you ride to the rhythm and embrace the beat. Let go of all expectations and simply have fun.



An upbeat, full body, low-impact workout focused on toning and strengthening! Hold it, pulse it, burn it ‘til you shake.


Through slow and controlled movements build strength, find length, and discover your inner warrior.


This class combines high intensity interval training and Pilates. Known for its big caloric burn in a short amount of time, HIIT gets the work done QUICK!


A twist on our traditional barre sequences with the introduction of suspension strength training. Guaranteed to challenge you, our TRX program works all major muscle groups and stabilizers.

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When I first came to @bcyclespin just over a year ago I was struggling as a full-time working mother who had trouble carving out time for myself. As a result I suffered from low self-esteem and a lack of energy. Since then, I have experienced many magical moments, finally quit smoking for good, and learned an important lesson about the importance of taking care of myself. Thanks @bcyclespin!

— @terribletarabelle