Set the habit. Shift your perspective.

See what happens when you move every day for a month.

The feeling of pride derived from one's own achievement. 

The b.effect is a 31 day sweat challenge designed to inspire and motivate you to get through the month.

Choose your Challenge

Every day of the week has its own purpose! With each week we will increase durations, complexities, and endurance!

All classes will remain available until Feb 11, 2021


The 31-day body challenge will feature more than 15 different class styles designed to widen your strength.  

No equipment needed


Each week, the cycle challenge will feature 4 days of cycle classes, 2 days of our best cardio and muscle building body classes, and 1 day of your choice!

Requires a stationary bike

Price & Packages

Both the Body and Cycle class collections are only $19.99+tax each! What are you waiting for?!

*b.home members with a subscription have access for free!

Track your progress
and win a prize!

Post this calendar to your Instagram story daily, checking off a new day with each workout. Doesn’t matter if you complete the entire workout—what matters to us is that you move a little bit each day! 

Each post enters you in the draw to win! 31 posts, 31 chances.


Winners will be announced by email and on Instagram on Feb 11, 2021

1 year

Unlimited b.home access and a b.home b.asics body kit

3 winners
6 month

Unlimited b.home access

3 winners
3 month

Unlimited b.home access

3 winners
1 month

Unlimited b.home access

3 winners

Increase your chances

BONUS 3 ENTRIES each time you post a video of you doing that day's workout!

If your account is private, send us a DM and we will follow you to make sure we catch all the tags!

Don't forget to tag @bcyclespin in every post so that we can see it!

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