April 1st - 28th

Welcome to b.ingo!
Are you game?

How many challenges can you complete?

Strategize, get sweaty, stamp your b.ingo card & you could win! Over $11,700 in prizes will be given away!

How to participate?

You'll have 4 weeks as of April 1 to stamp your b.ingo card! The more lines you complete, the more chances you have of winning a grand prize!

Step 1

Sign up!

You can only win if you are signed up

Step 2

Pick up your b.ingo card at any one of our 4 studios and start strategizing!

Step 3

Strategize and sign up for classes!

Step 4

Submit your card digitally!

Artboard 11

1 year membership

1 winner

3 month membership

4 winners, 1 per studio

1 month membership

8 winners, 2 per studio

10 class package

2 winners

5 class package

4 winners, 1 per studio

*Packages activate immediately unless you submit proof of travel


Here are some of our favourite strategies to help you get an edge over other clients!

Hot tip #1

1 class goes a LONG way!

Take an evening theme Performance class with a friend who's never been to b.cycle & you've knocked out 4 challenges at ONCE!

Take a new instructor & be on your way to stamping "Feelin' Fresh", "4-in-7", "Quatro" & "Warrior"!

Hot tip #2

B.ingo B.uddy!

Don't be shy to ask someone to be your b.ingo b.uddy! Some of the closest friendships were born from 1 person randomly going up to another!

These squares are the rarest ones that we see stamped but it's usually because we're too shy to put ourselves out there! You've got this.

Hot tip #3

Weekend sweat!

Stamp your "Happy Wknd" square and make progress towards your "Quatro" square by trying out a different studio!

Book it with your b.ingo b.uddy or a new friend & grab brunch afterwards to make it into a weekend event! Don't forget, our Rockland & Westmount studios have free parking!

pay it forward

Attend one of our Sweat-For-A-Cause classes (one per studio each weekend of the month) and stamp this square that is very near and dear to our hearts!

There are two ways to sign-up:
- Purchase a class ticket at only $25 and register for class.
- Reserve the class for free and bring a monetary donation when you come take class!

All proceeds will go to, Chez Doris, a local (Montreal-based) women's shelter that provides clothing, financial management support, medical services, an overnight shelter, and access to various housing solutions, including their own permanent residences. Their goal is always to help vulnerable women succeed, to the fullest extent possible.

Can't attend a Sweat-For-A-Cause class? No problem! Each studio will host a donation jar during the month and all clients to contribute to the donation jar will also be entitled to stamp the "Pay-It-Forward" square on the card!

Week 1

April 6

2:15 pm (cycle) - Kelsey
2:00 pm (barre) - Cynthia

Week 2

April 13

2:15 pm (cycle) - Alex Cayou
2:00 pm (barre) - DUO! Dani & Marie

Week 3

April 20

2:30 pm (cycle) - Yan
2:15 pm (barre) - Meissem

Week 4

April 28

2:15 pm (cycle) DUO! Jess & Lisa
2:00 pm (barre) - Feodora

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