staff guide - answers to all of your questions (hopefully!)

Colour War is the ultimate team competition and it takes place for the entire month of May. Clients (and you!) can earn points alone but they can earn even more points when they work together!

What is Colour War? (FOR CLIENTS)

Clients can sign up solo or with up to 3 friends (to make a team of 4) before May 1 and they’ll get placed in either team Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow


We’ll introduce you to the rest of your team and your instructor team captains on May 1, 2022 and away you go!


Each week,  they will battle against the other teams to earn points and at the end of May… One team will bring home the trophy of…


Colour War Champions 2022!

What is Colour War? (FOR STAFF)

Staff can sign up for Colour War solo or in teams of up to 4.


We’ll introduce you to the rest of your team and your instructor team captains on May 1, 2022 and away you go! 


You’ll be key players in bringing your team to win and the more initiative you show, the more b.cycle community you will create! 




To encourage as many staff participants as possible to sign up, 1 lucky team (or solo sign up!) will get drawn to win an epic prize! 


The person or team will each win: 


1. $100 gift card to Mandy’s 

2. 10 buddy passes

What is Colour War (for Instructors)

All b.cycle instructors will be split up evenly into groups of 4 and you will then become 1 color’s Team Captain.


Note: When splitting the instructors into groups, we will aim to create fair and balanced teams! We will also try to split up friend groups in order to promote getting to know new people and creating community!

Team Captains are responsible for rallying their client/staff troops to take classes together, helping their team strategize how to get more points, creating team spirit, and creating inclusivity for every member of your team!

If you have any ideas you have on how to create team spirit/inclusivity or want more information on what this means, please reach out to Lisa, Yan, or Jess!

What will the champions (CLIENTS) win?

Prize #1

Bragging Rights until Colour War 2023!

Prize #2

Winning team will earn the right to purchase:


A special All-Access Pass for only $120/month for the months of June, July & August*


*This contract unlike our other contracts will be a 3 month contract. This means that when they purchase the prize if they win, they have committed to paying $120 every 4 weeks for 3 minimum payments (IE: Total cost to the client is $360 over 3 4-week periods)

Prize #3

There will be 1 MPV awarded to each team!


The prize: Free All-Access to b.cycle for June, July, and August!


Note for staff/instructors: How will this actually work? We will send each team a survey at the end of each week asking them to vote for the MVP of the week (staff and instructors will be encouraged to vote as well). The person with the most votes at the end of the month will win 3 months free to b.cycle! 


MVP criteria would be: Displays team spirit, is inclusive within their Colour Army community, and shows up to help the team out! 

What will the staff/instructors receive:

Perk # 1

The buddy pass will be reinstated for all members of the team!

Perk # 2

The 3-staff-per-class limit will be removed for the entire month of May!


This means you have no restrictions whatsoever to booking for the month of May!

How do you earn points for your team?*

*This applies to clients AND staff AND instructors


Take 3 or more classes in a week (from Monday to Sunday) and earn your team 1 point. Note: 6 classes don’t equal 2 points!

Note for instructors: The classes that you teach do not count towards your soldier points! You have to take 3 classes outside of your schedule to earn a point #spreadthelooooove

THE Troops

Take classes as a team and earn 1 point per teammate above 4 per class. Example: 5 teammates = 5 points, 6 teammates = 6 points, BUT 4 teammates = 0 points

Note: The instructor teaching counts as a troop point for that class! Example: if there are 6 blue team members in a class and the instructor for that class is a team Blue Captain, they will receive 6 + 1 troops points!


We will be hosting COLOUR WAR B.ATTLE classes with team challenges that can earn your team points. This year, COLOUR WAR B.ATTLE classes will be in “HIIT the barre” classes and in both Performance & Signature cycle classes!


Troops points will be worth DOUBLE in b.attle classes so make sure you show up in BIG numbers to these special classes!

Note for staff/instructors: 

Colour War B.attle classes will be the most complicated part of the activation. The complicated set up of the battle classes will be mainly with the Studio Manager and the SC on shift and the instructor will receive their special training on how to make their class a Colour b.attle class.


If a client asks how the b.attles work, explain that points will be awarded for different challenges


-The challenges in body will be physical and individual (example: Round 1, you did 10 push ups, try to beat your score in Round 2 to earn your team points)


-The challenges in Cycle will be board-based Team Challenges. As you may know, the teams are currently split up to be Blue and Green in the room but we can manually modify performance IQ to add Red and Yellow and associate each bike to the team the client is on!



Surprise Initiatives are extra missions your Colour War Army can go on to gain bonus points! There will be one extra mission announced per week! 

b.cycle will announce the weekly Surprise Initiative via email & social media!

Note for staff and instructors: 


We have not yet decided what these surprises will be but we do know that: 

-There will be 1 different challenge each week starting week 2, 3 in total 

-We will aim to create challenges that bring attendance to less popular time slots or class types

Special Colour War class package (FOR CLIENTS):

Since our soldiers get points by taking 3 classes per week, we’re offering a special 3 Class Pack for only $60+tax! 


This class package expires on May 29th (the last day of Colour War) with no exceptions!

This package does not auto-renew. If a client wants to buy a 3 pack for each week of Colour War, they need to repurchase!

These classes cannot be shared or transferred. This will prevent anyone from transferring their spot in a class last minute to other members of their team  and allow any cancelled spots to be made available to the waitlist. 

Referral Program For Staff & Instructors


On the client sign up form, there is a place where they can choose the name of a staff or an instructor who encouraged them to sign up. 


The person on the (EE, staff, or instructor) who convinces the most clients to sign up wins: 


A round trip flight to anywhere in Canada or the USA!!!*

*Only restriction is that you must book a flight that is 2 months or more away or if departure date is within 2 months from the booking date, the limit is $500

Referral Program For Clients


On the client sign up form, there is a place where they can put down the name of a friend who referred them! 


For every person that a client refers to participate in Colour War, they enter in a draw to win 1 year FREE at b.cycle!

How do clients register?

They register themselves solo, in a team of 2, in a team of 3, or in a team of 4 by filling out the survey below:



*Will be updated every Sunday night!

team Blue


team green


team yellow


team red


Show your colours