Alone you're strong... But together, you're unstoppable.

Colour War is the ultimate team competition and it takes place for only TWO WEEKS.

What is Colour War?

Colour War is a 2 week challenge where over 1000 people across Montreal join forces to win points for their Colour Team. The team with the most points wins:

  1. Bragging rights for the year
  2. The title of Colour War Champions 2024!
  3. All team members will win a b.cycle discount that will be revealed shortly!
  4. One person voted ‘MVP’ will win a free summer unlimited membership to b.cycle!

Sign up solo or with 1, 2, or 3 friends before May 15 (midnight) and you’ll get placed in either team Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow!

We’ll introduce you to the rest of your team and your instructor team captains VERY SOON (so sign up now for that advantage!)


FINAL RESULTS - Updated Sunday May 26th at 9:19pm

team Blue


team green


team yellow


team red


What will the champions win?

Prize #1

Bragging Rights until Colour War 2025!

Prize #2

Every member on the winning team will receive a b.cycle discount that is soon to be disclosed! 


In addition:


1 teammate voted ‘MVP’ FROM EACH TEAM will win a summer unlimited membership to b.cycle so make sure to help your team as much as possible!

How do you earn points for your team with the classes that you take?


Attend a minimum of 3 classes in the week and get 1 point per person for your team.

THE Troops

For every 2 people from the same team who take a class, earn 1 point ! Example: 10 people = 5 points, 9 people = 4 points (not 4.5!) 


Take one of the dozens of COLOUR WAR B.ATTLE classes that can earn your team BIG points. For every mini-challenge won throughout class, you’ll accumulate points for your team!


ALSO: Troops points will be worth DOUBLE in b.attle classes! 


Example: 10 people usually = 5 points but in a B.ATTLE class, it’ll be worth 10 points!

WEEK 2 special points: Show your colours

Submit a photo of you wearing your team colours to class and get bonus points!

Points: 1 point for a bottom, 1 point for a top, 1 point for an accessory, 5 points for wearing your colours from head-to-toe or wearing a costume in your colour

Costume note: Wearing a blue lego block costume or a yellow bumblebee costume counts but a red hula skirt on top of your workout clothes won’t count as a costume but will count as 1 point for a bottom!

How do I register?

Do you have what it takes to win Colour War? Register yourself or a team below:

NOTE: NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO REGISTER AFTER MIDNIGHT ON MAY 14 — as the final signups will be assigned!