Fear is a liar!


I started my b.cycle obsession in early 2019 after wanting to give my body a break from rock climbing (everything always hurts!). Before finding rock climbing and b.cycle, my dad, who is a VERY avid cyclist, would always take us on bike trips as kids and I’ve also been practicing yoga for a good chunk of my life. My formal dance training consists of ballet as a 5 year old, then jazz, hip-hop and tap dancing (I lived in Newfoundland, it’s a requirement) as a young teenager and faux-contemporary dancing in my apartment alone so naturally, I never thought of myself one day becoming a barre instructor. But the wonderful thing about b.cycle is that others believed in me when I didn’t and so I got a little helpful push and now you’re reading this because hey, guess what! I’m a barre instructor! You are capable of more than you think!