Journey to 20

The wellness program that makes a real change & delivers results.


Cow Goes Moo
The Journey to 20 is a program that encourages employees to start small and build momentum until they are able to complete 20 fitness classes in 5 weeks.

How it works.

For every phase you complete, 

Cow Goes Moo

adds extra classes to your account at no extra cost! 

Phase 1

Getting Started

8 classes

Weeks 1-4

Complete 2 classes

per week

$20 / class

Phase 2

Building Momentum

12 classes

Weeks 5-8
Complete 3 classes
per week

$13.33 / class

Cow Goes Moo

 sponsors 1 of 3 classes 

Phase 3

All Out!

20 classes

Weeks 9-13
Complete 4 classes
per week

$8 / class

Cow Goes Moo

 sponsors 2 of 4 classes

Phase 4




$160 / month

Access to all studios
Access to all classes

Membership can be
cancelled at any time

Learn about our classes.

Take a look at all the classes we have to offer—from Barre and Bootcamp, to Performance Spin and Tribe Rides, we’ve got you covered!

How do I get started?

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Register to the group 

Cow Goes Moo

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