How low can you go?

And how strong can you get?

3 weeks. 4 classes per week. Epic discounts.

Regular price: $90 for 4 classes

Pay less for every 4 classes and get stronger with each passing week!

Challenge details


Our all-new LIMBO challenge is where you take only 12 classes within 3 weeks and we'll lower the price after each 4 classes that you take!


YOU! If you love our luxury group fitness classes or have always wanted to see the experience for yourself, then THIS challengen is for you!


You can start your challenge any day between Feb. 27 and March 10, 2023! You must complete ALL 12 classes by the end of March 31, 2023!


Once you've purchased the class package "b.cycle LIMBO - Week 1 - $60/4 classes", you'll receive an email shortly after that tells you how to access the 2nd price tier of $50 for 4 classes! Rinse and repeat for week 3!

the reward

Complete 4 classes each week for 3 weeks and you'll unlock a discount on our unlimited membership! Regular price: $285 Your new price: $198*

*You can keep this discounted price for as long as you'd like! Once you cancel the renewal, it's gone forever (or until you complete a different challenge next year!)

Week 1
$15.00 / class




week 2
$12.50 / class




week 3
$10.00 / class




All our studios come
fully equipped.

Each studio is equipped with 12 showers that are stocked with organic luxury products by Oneka (shampoo, conditioner, body wash). Fresh workout towels will be waiting for you on your bike or mat. Moreover, changing rooms are equipped with shower towels, hair-dryers, hair-straighteners, female hygiene products, hair elastics/pins and more.

Client Testimonials

come as you are.



Whether you have been crushing your goals for years, or this is the first time stepping into a fitness studio, our sole purpose is giving you exactly what YOU need to succeed.

Our high-end studios offer you a turn key experience, so that you can focus on what’s really important: you!

All you have to do is show up and we’ll take care of the rest!


1500 Atwater Avenue
(514) 379-4331


2000 McGill College Ave #140

(514) 379-6649


601 rue de la Gauchetière west (514) 393-1001