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All in-studio classes only $15 $28

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kick-start Winter.

3 weeks only

In-Studio classes are $15 each.
Try as many as you want!

Starts September 26 / Ends October 16

(Applicable at b.cycle Westmount, Centre-Ville, and Vieux-Port studios)


B.EAT Ride

It’s our Signature ride without the numbers and challenges. Connect your body and mind as you ride to the rhythm and embrace the beat. Let go of all expectations and simply have fun.

Signature Ride

High paced and dynamic workout that combines mix of interval training, upper-body movements and hand weights. Our instructors will encourage you to set goals and challenge yourself. Ride to the beat, dance, smile and test your limits.

Performance Ride

No upper-body movements. No hand weights. All performance! A class made to beat your personal best filled with speed and resistance intervals. In this class you don’t just ride to the beat, you chase it!

Signature Barre

An upbeat, full body, low-impact workout focused on toning and strengthening! Hold it, pulse it, burn it ‘til you shake.


A curated selection of exercises to tone your tush, all while moving to fun beats.

Floor Barre

Our signature Barre class exercises, all done on the floor. Sounds easy, but it’s not!

Abs & Booty

Our core & lower body focused Barre class, aimed at strengthening and toning your abs & tush!


Through slow and controlled movements build strength, find length, and discover your inner warrior.

TRX Barre

Offer at our Centre-Ville location, this popular class uses TRX straps to offer a challenging twist to our classic Barre class!

All our studios come
fully equipped.

Each studio is equipped with 12 showers that are stocked with organic luxury products by Oneka (shampoo, conditioner, body wash). Fresh workout towels will be waiting for you on your bike or mat. Moreover, changing rooms are equipped with shower towels, hair-dryers, hair-straighteners, female hygiene products, hair elastics/pins and more.

Client Testimonials

come as you are.



Whether you have been crushing your goals for years, or this is the first time stepping into a fitness studio, our sole purpose is giving you exactly what YOU need to succeed.

Our high-end studios offer you a turn key experience, so that you can focus on what’s really important: you!

All you have to do is show up and we’ll take care of the rest!


1500 Atwater Avenue
(514) 379-4331



2000 McGill College Ave #140

(514) 379-6649



601 rue de la Gauchetière west (514) 393-1001 bvieux-port@bcyclespin.com