Outdoor Pop-Ups.
All Summer long.
Rain or shine.

Summer festivals might be cancelled but we're are bringing you dance parties, beat drops, and mesmerizing experiences—all outdoors!

Pop-Up Location

Bookable as of May 30

Rockland Shopping Centre

Parking Rooftop

Our Classes


Ride to the beat, dance, smile and test your limits. Signature rides are fun and dynamic workouts that combine a mix of interval training (speed and resistance), dance choreography, and hand weights! Don’t forget, after each class you’ll receive an email with your performance metrics including calories spent and watts pushed!


It’s our dance-focused version of our Signature Ride—Same musical journey but no numbers and challenges! Connect your body and mind to the music as you ride to the rhythm and embrace the beat. Let go of any inhibitions, let go, and have fun. Oh, and you’ll of course still receive your performance metrics by email should you want them!

How many bikes are there?

The number of bikes depends entirely on the government restrictions, but our pop-up tents are set to house as many as 40 socially distanced bikes!

What's the cost?

All classes and class packs grant entry to any of our pop-up studios or indoor Montreal locations (b.cycle Vieux Port, Centre-Ville, and Westmount).

1 class


5 classes


  • Shareable!

10 classes


  • Shareable!

20 classes


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50 classes


  • Shareable!

Will I get my performance metrics?

Yes! No only will you receive a performance email after class but your b.cycle profile will track your watts, your speed, your calories and so much more for each class that you book!

Do I need to wear a mask?

Everyone who enters the b.cycle pop-up zone will be encouraged to wear a mask. Once you’ve clipped in to your bike, you may remove your mask! When it comes time to unclip from the bike, we do encourage all participants to place their mask back on their face.

I have b.cycle classes that are on hold—what happens to them?

All regular price class-packs can be used to book a spot at the pop-up studios as well as our 3 permanent locations. If you would like your class pack unfrozen, please fill out this form here and the classes will be available for booking within 48 hours!

What are your COVID-19 procedures?

For more information on the care that we take to provide a disinfected, socially-distanced experience, click here.

What do I need for class?

We ask clients to come ready with water and wearing their workout clothes. We do lot have access to water anywhere on site but we will be selling water bottles. You may use the malls bathrooms to get changed should you need to however it is possible that the water fountains will not be operating due to COVID-19 health guidelines.

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